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© 2019 Katie Benfey Photography


I can usually be found cuddling with my cat, Posey, geeking out on Game of Thrones, drinking tea, happily listening to sad songs, and getting out of the city and into nature. 

I started taking photos about 10 years ago because I was interested in so many creative things, but none of them felt like they would be my vocation - interior design, graphic design, fashion, drawing, painting, food styling. I originally saw photography as a way to be involved in all of these things that I loved, but very quickly, I became much more interested in people than things. 

Since you're here, maybe you're into the same thing I am...creating emotional keepsakes of your life's most intimate moments and your most important relationships, documenting the people and places that you'll want to remember for a lifetime, and the feelings that you'll want to relive again and again.

Maybe you love snuggling, wrinkled sheets, butterfly kisses, laugh lines, deep breaths, muddy shoes, not taking it all too seriously, and celebrating the darkness along with the light. 

I hope this makes your heart sing like it does mine.